How to prevent cancer in dogs


As a dog owner, you might get disheartened to know that your dog has cancer, but it is a common disease that affects a large number of dogs of any age. Therefore, if you are facing this situation then you will need to find out how to prevent cancer in dogs so that you can get cure for your loving pet. Moreover, it is important that you take steps for reducing the risk of your dog’s death with the help of these cures so that you will enjoy companionship with your dog for a longer period of time. Since cancer is affecting a large number of canines, it is important that you know the steps that will prevent your dog from falling ill in the first place. According to researchers, cancer affects dog in the late stage of their lives and hence you will need to take precautionary steps for making sure that your dog does not become a victim to this deadly disease.

Fish Oil

The best way of preventing cancer in dogs is with the use of fish oil on a regular basis because it contains fatty acids that help in reducing inflammation and shrinking tumors. Even if your dog gets cancer, the use of this oil will slow down the growth of cancer so that it will get more years added to his life.

Weight Issues
Prevent your dog from becoming overweight, because the most common cause of cancer is being obese and when your dog is overweight, it will increase the chances of cancer. Moreover, when your dog is overweight then the chances of bladder and breast cancer increases significantly and hence you need to take proper measures from preventing the growth and spread the cancer cells.

Get it vaccinated
Vaccinations in dogs can lead to dog cancer and hence it is important that you take steps to minimize and reduce giving them vaccinations too frequently.

See a vet regularly
Having a dedicated vet is like having another co-owner that knows in detail about your dog – but in its medical records, and how its body functioning, diagnosing any physical issues, etc. This is the most important point and we highly emphasize this. One vet we recommend is RehabVet and you can view more of them here:

Having a pet is not just about being able to pay for its purchase, its upkeep and its welfare. You also have to pre-empt the issues it might face in the future, be it due to its breed or genetics. There is no other time than to start now.

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