The Asia Pacific Metrology Programme (APMP) will hold its 34th General Assembly and Related Meetings (APMP 2018) in Singapore from 20 to 30 November 2018.

It is expected over 350 to 400 senior representatives, Metrologist, and Scientists of National Metrology Institutes and Designated Institutes from 26 economies and 11 associate members, stakeholder organisations, and participants from industry will be present at these meetings to engage in discussions on improving the regional’s metrological capabilities through the sharing of expertise and exchange of technical services and ideas.

APMP 2018 offer an excellent opportunity for companies to be profiled. There will be opportunities for companies to network and showcase their latest technologies and innovations to the metrology community in the Asia Pacific region. We invite you to contact us about the Exhibitor’s packages which detail the various levels of participation available. These opportunities are limited and available only on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please contact Communique Live Asia Pte Ltd, at +65 6570 5632 or via email at exhibitors@apmp2018.sg